Order Management

Order Management

What’s network marketing about at its very core? Is it heavy hitters, setting your own working hours or high paying compensation plans?

Those are all trappings of the industry, but not what it’s really about and what really drives it. At its very root, network marketing is about making sales. The sales process comes before everything else. There are neither heavy hitters without sales nor high paying compensation plans – a plan that is configured to pay out more than any other is useless if there are no sales to fuel it.

MultiSoft recognizes the need to key in on sales and has developed a comprehensive order management system to serve that need. Real time sales tracking? Inventory management? Up to date ordering statistics? Innovative shopping methodologies? Discount coupons? Gift certificates? Tax management?

Yes, yes and yes again! MarketPowerPRO will provide you with all of those and even more.

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